State of the Garden

February 5, 2010 at 5:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

After the first decent rain this year, it seems a good time to report on the state of the garden – which is, of course, messy. A much-overdue mowing of the lawn last week in preparation for The Travelling Roadshow Party Part Three means at least we’ve moved on somewhat from utter non-respectability, plus the removal of the mulching pile in the middle of the lawn up to the entertaining area/compost and storage space means you can actually see the backyard at a glance.

The carrots, spring onions and beetroot are merely waiting around for the harvest to finish, the last survivors scattered around. The globe artichokes are finished, and peas were ripped out a while back. The tomatoes, however, are straining at the new set of stakes and ties applied last week in an attempt to stop the hedge of plants from taking over the driveway. We’ve harvested from the Amish Paste and the ‘heirloom surprise mix’. Pumpkins and other curcubits continue feral, with a last minute capture of UFOs (aka oversize green squash) mid-week. And on the weekend we harvested 20kg of potatoes.

The other garden accessory d’jour is some spray paint. It looks like the earthworks will start soon!


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