Garden Tour IV: back right

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The slope is steeper on this side of the garden, and the terracing will probably be on three levels.  This side of the garden gets the most sun year round. The lower level, closest to the house and at the same level as it, will be a courtyard defined by stone-faced retaining walls. (The wall her may be in two steps with a small bed in between. If so, we’ll put in apples espaliered into a lattice shape). In the courtyard will be a pizza oven and a bench alongside it including a sink (storage space for some wood under the bench). The courtyard will be where potted plants that prefer a warmer climate will be kept – dwarf lemon, bay laurel, maybe a lime or fig, lemongrass, ginger, mint. We’ll recycle bricks from the old retaining walls to pave the courtyard.

view of backyard, looking from top right down towards the house

The middle terrace will be vegetable beds, rectangular and raised for better drainage and easy access. We should be able to fit in six beds to maximise rotation including cover crops. All the way along the fence line (new fence required, preferably one that isn’t falling over) will be more espaliered fruit trees, possibly underplanted with garlic.

view of back right side of garden, looking uphill from the side of the house

The back level, where the breezeblock ‘entertaining area’ is now, will have the current walls removed. Here will be the potting shed with a greenhouse verandah facing north, the chook shed and scratching space (they will be let out to free range sections of the garden only under supervision) and compost bays. I’d like to try growing a passionfruit up the big white wall (neighbours’ garage) and trained mulberry ala josh burne on the front chookyard fenceline.


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