Garden Tour I: front left

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Welcome to the brief tour around the current and imagined future garden. We’re starting in the front yard, which is cut in half (well more like 40-60) by a concrete driveway going into the garage. The yard has an old and slightly sagging concrete retaining wall around it, and a wooden fence on either side. The soil is clay, including some large chunks that seem to be the remnants of the excavation when building the house.

The front left section was orginally overgrown with bamboo, jasmine and cottoneaster – most of which has since been cut down but the stumps and roots still need to be removed. It is mostly shaded in the morning, but gets sun in the afternoon (moreso in summer). It currently looks like this:

view of front yard and left side are of the garden, featuring fenceline, grass and succulent's bed

You can see up against the house is a bed of succulents – we plan to offload these soon. Hopefully the oil tank for the heater will go in the next few years as well, opening the view from the kitchen further.

Currently, we’re still in the early stages of planning this space. There will be a fence and gate between front and back yard. It will mostly probably be used for the formal native garden, with tree ferns at the lowest part of the yard underplanted with native violets. A pond for frog and bird habitat, maybe. With the succulents and tank gone there may be space for an espaliered tree or vine in that space, otherwise I’m also strongly tempted by a magnolia for the sense of beauty and relief as winter ends.







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